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Hi Friends!

Welcome to Rockstar Women With MS, the site where I (Lisa Cohen) do my best to help empower women living with Multiple Sclerosis (“MS”) so that they can get back to the lives they were meant to live.


I’ve been living with MS since 2001, and I know firsthand that living with MS can be overwhelming, defeating, and just plain HARD. To call it “challenging” would be an understatement.

I know from personal experience how easy it can be to feel alone, defeated, and left on the sidelines of life because of MS symptoms and physical disability.

The words you see listed in the image above—“Strong, loving, wise, beautiful, and fun”—are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing the amazing attributes of women living with MS, but MS can make many of us forget that…or even feel like we’ve lost all of it.

Many women living with MS feel that they’re stuck with settling for less-than lives because they have MS.  Have you ever felt that way (I certainly have)?  The truth, however is that you still have the power to create a life you may not have even imagined was possible.

If any of the following statements describes you, then you’re in the right place:

  • You’re fed up with a life that feels “less than” and want to improve your quality of life with MS
  • You feel like you’ve gotten “stuck” in life and want some help to get moving again
  • You’re just starting your journey with MS and want support to continue living the best life that you can
  • You’re ready to design a life that you want rather than settling for whatever life you just happen to get


Why Rockstar Women With MS exists

Rockstar Women With MS exists for the same reasons that compelled me to write my Amazon #1 Bestseller “Overcome The BS of MS”: I learned that there was a common thread in both my own experiences and those of several women with MS that I’ve spoken to across the US and internationally—Women are feeling like they’re not finding support to help them actively manage and improve the quality of their lives with MS.

Most of these women have told me that they don’t attend support groups because they feel worse after attending.  They said that they don’t want to just “sit around and be sick,” but most of the support options that they’ve found so far feel to them like they’re about precisely that. 

I truly believed that there was a real need for someone to provide an alternative space and options to help women actively improve the quality of their lives with MS, so I created Rockstar Women With MS to be that alternative.

What You’ll Find Here

The Rockstar Women With MS site is a “You’re not alone, I’m there with you, and we will make it through this together” along the journey of life with MS.


On this site, you’ll find coaching support and resources to help you gain clarity, manage and counterbalance what I call the “BS of MS,” and start taking action to move forward, even if you feel that you’ve been “stuck” for a while.

In the Blog, I’ll speak honestly about the struggles that I’ve had, what has worked for me and what hasn’t, and the experiences on my continuing journey to find even more ways for us all to enjoy a better quality of life while living with MS.

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Get In Touch With Me…

If you have questions, want to learn about additional activities and events, or would like to share some of your own experiences of life with MS, you can check out the social media links on this site or get in touch with me by clicking the “Contact” link below.

Thanks Again For Visiting!

I’m glad that you found Rockstar Women With MS.  I hope that you’ll feel encouraged, supported, and energized every time that you visit this site.  Just remember that you’re not alone.  I’ve got your back!

– Lisa Cohen