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Be A Disrupter

How Can You Benefit From The Trump Playbook?


Tips to help with your journey to thriving while living with chronic illness

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This is NOT a political post, but it starts with a simple factual statement about a political subject.  We live in a time where The Force has shifted enough for Donald Trump to be President.  You know what that means?  ANYTHING is possible…and I mean that in the most positive way.  That energy of possibility is really crackling out there, and that can be a real gift for us if we allow it to be.

One description that I heard about Trump during the campaign was spot-on: “He’s a DISRUPTER.”  Bingo.  That’s exactly what he was, and he was a disrupter at the Right Time because people were fed up and wanting to see a change in their lives.  It’s all about timing in so many areas, not just politics; and that’s also particularly true in our own lives.

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Have you ever passed up an opportunity because the timing wasn’t right?  Have you ever waited to start something until a “better time?”  Have you ever regretted letting something pass you by because of timing?  Is there anything that you are still waiting to start?

Sometimes our instincts and even external circumstances lead us to a correct conclusion that it’s simply not the Right Time for something or other.  The problem, though, is that the timing justification can be a fake-out rather than something that is truly supported by the facts or our gut instinct.  This can happen when some kind of internal or externally-imposed limiting belief scares us into inaction by fooling us with that “timing isn’t right” excuse.  If you truly listen to your gut and inner wisdom, you’ll know whether you are at a Right Time moment for any actions you want to take or changes you want to make.  You’ll know when it’s the Right Time to disrupt any paths or patterns that aren’t working for you. 


I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently because I’m in the middle of a disruption project of my own right now.  In spite of coming off of a tough year of MS- and other health-related setbacks, now managing a higher level of disability than ever before plus an additional laundry list of obstacles and reasons that say “You can’t do this right now,” I’m working on getting my coaching certification.  My gut was steadfast in saying it was the Right Time, and my gut was right.  I was able to move a few mountains, was blessed with a few miracles, and things aligned to allow me to get around both new obstacles and old obstacles that had stopped me before so that I could make this happen RIGHT NOW.  I’m disrupting a pattern and identity of “can’t”/inaction/stagnation/victimization that had gradually crept in during the time I wasn’t well, and I’m reclaiming who I am and truly want to be.

How are you feeling in your life with MS or in your life in general right now?  Are you satisfied, or are you feeling the urge to make some changes?  Are you feeling like now might be your Right Time to start shaking some things up?

How can you be a disrupter in your own life? Think about how you can become aware of and begin to: 1) Challenge limiting stories and beliefs that prevent you from becoming who you really want to be, 2) Dismantle and defuse ways that you feel about or see yourself that leave you feeling unhappy or less-than, and 3) Make changes to a quality of life that’s not satisfying?

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Tips to help with your journey to thriving while living with chronic illness