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Did You See Those Flamingos in the Men’s Room?

Bloom Where You’re Planted


Tips to help with your journey to thriving while living with chronic illness

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While Florida was preparing for Hurricane Irma, I saw news footage showing Zoo Miami procedures to shelter their animals in place and I happened to catch the flamingo round-up.  Individual employees gently folded up these long, tall, gangly pink birds and cradled them in their arms and laps on motorized carts to transport them to their hurricane housing.  And I learned that the birds were getting much nicer digs than when Andrew rolled through in 1992 and they were sheltered in the MEN’S ROOM.  Here’s the infamous photo of that:


Anyway, it really got me thinking of the sayings “start where you are” and “bloom where you’re planted.”  Even though you may feel that circumstances have dumped you in a cold, harsh, or particularly undignified-feeling place, you still have the power to ride it out with grace (like the little pink dude who made himself at home under the sink) and that’s not where your story has to end.  Those flamingos made it through the storm safely and recovered from life in the men’s room without a hitch, and their new shelter digs for Irma were much more upscale.

So, how can you start blooming where you’re planted?

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First, remember that you have a choice as to where to place your focus and energy. You can place them on everything that’s “wrong,” everything that you feel is missing, or how you’ll be happy at some future date if-only-such-and-such-would-happen.  You can also choose to place your focus and energy consciously in the present moment, recognize what’s good right now, and consider possibilities. Instead of letting your circumstances dictate how you feel, remember the things that you’re grateful for and focus on those. Instead of focusing on problems, place your energy behind finding possible solutions. 

Second, your thoughts and your words matter.  How you think about the world around you and what you think about yourself will shape your life.  Your level of confidence in yourself, how you speak about yourself, and how you speak to yourself all affect what you can achieve in life.  Words have tremendous power, whether spoken out loud or spoken in your head.  If you internalize and empower negative words about yourself, you’ll feel discouraged and everything that you could be grateful for will seem insignificant.  Improving the quality of your self-talk and the words you use about yourself greatly improves the way you feel and your odds of improving your life circumstances.

Regardless of your current circumstances, start where you are.  Start with your outlook and your self-talk, and focus on possibilities.  You can begin to bloom beautifully where you are right now.

What’s made you feel stuck in the men’s room lately?  Imagine your first steps toward creating your ideal post-men’s-room story.

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Tips to help with your journey to thriving while living with chronic illness