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Four Words To Use More Often: Yes, No, Oops & Hello

Part 4 of 5: Say Hello To New Experiences And Connections


Tips to help with your journey to thriving while living with chronic illness

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by Lisa Cohen in Expansion, Quality of Life, Strategies

In order to have new experiences and meet new people, you’ll need to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and your usual routine.  It might feel difficult if you haven’t done this in a while or are experiencing physical disability, but it is doable. 

The truth is if you never try, your world and your social circle aren’t going to expand. You’ll miss out on trying new foods, looking at the world in a different way, and enjoying community with others who accept you just the way you are and may even understand what you’re going through in living with MS.

Start Where You Are

Start with your current friends and family.  What kinds of experiences outside of your usual routine or even completely new experiences can you engage in together?  What are some things that you already know you’ve always wanted to try or learn?  Start researching how you can get started doing or learning then.

Attend Conferences or Seminars

A great way to simultaneously learn and form new connections is to attend conferences or seminars. This gives you a chance to get to know people who share your interests.

You don’t have to choose a big conference with twenty-five speakers and twenty thousand attendees. If you’re more of an introvert or don’t like big crowds, look for small, more intimate events.

Sometimes, discovering opportunities to have new experiences and make new connections is as simple as paying attention to the world around you.  Are there friendly people at your MS Care Center or in groups that you belong to?  Take the time to chat with them.  You never know…they might become great friends.  Have friends or family members mentioned activities in passing or even directly suggested them, but you either didn’t pay much attention or simply dismissed it with an automatic “no?”  Well ask them about doing it and/or take them up on it when they mention it again.

What do you want to create more of in your life? Challenge yourself to take a first step toward having a new experience or making a new connection today.  Read Part 5: What Word Will You Embrace?

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Tips to help with your journey to thriving while living with chronic illness