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(…and exhausting, soul-sucking, and many other words that I’m sure you know well)

How awesome would it be if you could experience every day feeling good about yourself and knowing that how you’re showing up is creating more of what you want in life?

  • You’ll be and feel energized by your life rather than drained by it
  • You’ll be eager to face each day
  • You’ll shine and stand out instead of hiding out
  • You’ll amaze yourself with what you can achieve
  • Your friends and family will be impressed and say “Wow, HOW did you do it?”

I specialize in helping women living with MS to be and feel beautiful, confident, and SEEN so that they can do what they love in the world and create the lives they’re longing to live.

I offer three different ways to work with me to get started on creating your own vibrant life:

Private Coaching

Overcome The BS of MS Private Coaching. This 3-month program provides practical action steps, active support, and a system to help you consistently manage the BS of MS on an ongoing basis. You’ll be able to start living actively and truly feel like you are, stop living smaller than you want to, and start living a life that’s aligned with who you are inside and who you want to be.  Gives you the empowered foundation to start building your vibrant life.


Vibrant Life Design: 6 Months from Wallflower to Wow. Unlock your Magnetic Essence to discover and attract the vibrant life you’re meant to create.  Over the course of 6 months, you’ll learn to stand in and live from your unique personal strength(s) so that you can experience your life in a more exciting, active and engaged way. You’ll magnetize new possibilities and opportunities, and feel empowered no matter what room you’re in knowing that you are master of your own presence.


Group Coaching

Overcome The BS of MS Group Coaching. Get ongoing support as you practice the system for consistently overcoming the BS of MS, and reinforce your progress through individual hot-seat coaching opportunities and the special benefits of a group dynamic.




VIP Days and Virtual Retreats

Rockstar Mindset Intensive VIP Day. A 5-hour virtual VIP Day from the comfort of your own home that teaches you the most important mindset and tactical foundations to consistently overcome the BS of MS: Identity identification and creating a new WHO, how to prepare for and defeat blocks that will inevitably show up, and a repeatable practical process to help you create and keep your momentum going on making the life changes that you want.


If you already know that you’re interested in coaching or are simply ready to take the first step toward discovering what might be blocking you, so you can start creating the momentum you want in your life, CLICK HERE to apply for and schedule your FREE 30-minute Discovery Session with me!