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meet lisa


My Transformation

MS disability has transformed me. It’s given me the opportunity to discover and grow into a definition and vision of myself that I never realized I was capable of before. I have an identity that is no longer limited by labels, and I have a purpose.

I’m striving to be an inspiring example that MS does not have to dictate your self-image, self-belief, or possibilities. My mission is to help women living with MS to step into their greatness and create lives that feel satisfying, meaningful, and like a match for who they truly are inside.

Why I Do What I Do

I believe the bravest thing that you can do is to show up every day in spite of all that MS has thrown at you. It takes a special kind of rockstar courage to imagine, envision, and create a life that you want rather than settle for whatever life you just happen to get.

I believe that, even with MS, we all get to decide whether we’re going to make a mark in this world by claiming the essence of who we are, or merely exist in the world without tapping into our greatness.

I believe that technological advances and the Internet have made this all more possible than ever. You just have to take action.

I’M INSPIRED BY…All of the women living with MS who dare to persevere every day.

Dream With Me

I want to live in a world where women living with chronic illness or physical disability do not feel and are not viewed as “less than” or invisible, and are not resigned to giving up or leaving their gifts hidden & unexplored inside them.


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