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Meet Lisa Cohen!

Lisa Cohen is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of “Overcome The BS of MS: A 3-Step Plan For Women Living With Multiple Sclerosis” and founder of Rockstar Women With MS. Her own personal story of overcoming the adversity of living with MS and choosing to live a “rockstar” life has made her a highly sought-after inspirational guest and speaker.

From being featured on the Thomson Reuters electronic billboard in Times Square and in ad campaigns for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to being a Bike MS Champion and Chapter Ambassador, Lisa has provided inspiration to many and brought awareness to MS.

A self-proclaimed “escaped” lawyer, Lisa’s own successful journey to find her own rockstar life has led her through the amazing experiences of working in the independent music business, photography/art, and helping to build the nonprofit organization Makeover Your MS. Her motivational and inspirational messages reach far beyond the MS community to all who want to overcome obstacles and create their own “rockstar” lives.

Lisa has built strong relationships within the MS community. Always cheerful and full of grace, participants have come to recognize her and look forward to spending some time with her, even for just a few moments at a Bike event rest stop or a caregiver retreat.”

– Debby Bennett
Vice President, Programs and Services
National Multiple Sclerosis Society

“Lisa brings her heart and soul to everything that she does and this is especially evident in the warmth and humor with which she engages participants…Lisa is compassionate, genuine, a true professional and a consummate advocate for people living with MS, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”

– Anastatia Fabris
Director, Care Management and Family Support Services
National Multiple Sclerosis Society